Project IGExpo - INTERGAME 2013

Our first event of the IGExpo project - INTERGAME 2013 - has just passed. According to the reviews of experts the Conference was carried out on a high level. We have reached our goal as expected.

General meeting of the company

Today at the meeting of North Expo Marketing partners we have summed up intermediate results of our company’s main activity, namely, attracting participants to exhibitions and fairs in Ukraine, Russia, Finland and Denmark.

New website

September 19, 2012: we have opened a separate site for the IGExpo project .

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Helsingin Messukeskus - 2013
INVITATION to Global Workshop 16.1.2013 Helsinki

About us

North Expo Marketing is a subsidiary company of Larssen Capital, Tallinn, Estonia. Larssen Capital has more than 17 years experience of working in the field of provision of corporate services.

Our new project – North Expo Marketing – combines not only the entire experience of Larssen Company, but also the expertise and success of our partners in the field of organisation of exhibitions. One of the projects that was founded and organised by our partners is "Luxury Temptation 2008" in Kiev.

One of the main directions of our company – attracting participants to exhibitions that are organized in Russia, Ukraine, Finland.

 North Expo Marketing is a partner of the following exhibition centres:

- Expoforum (St. Petersburg, Russia), which is the biggest exhibition organiser in North-Western Russia. Exhibition calendar for the year 2013.
- IEC (Kiev, Ukraine). Exhibition calendar for the year 2013.
- Suomen Messut (Helsingi, Finland). Exhibition calendar for the year 2013 can be found here.

Our company is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“I am always happy. Do you want to know why? I am happy because all my life I have been building bridges, not walls.” (Sri Chinmoy)

Northern European bridge - North Expo Marketing.

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